Design visually compelling web applications using pre-built and pre-tested components. Improve design process with tools that make it faster and easier to mock up, style, prototype, and evaluate interface designs.


Functional Testing verifies app/site content (images, text, controls, and links) as it is displayed on the actual mobile devices that your analytics demand.

Our test team verifies that forms correctly submit and collect information from users, that all components (video/sound streams, ecommerce submissions) function as expected, and that all links are correct and functional. This includes web site cookie and session tracking tests.


Wide range of options

With our Maintenance and Support subscription, whether you need help resolving issues with your app, or access to our nightly builds that contain critical fixes to the frameworks, we’ve got you covered. From support to professional services and training, with access to our knowledgeable and enthusiastic Sencha engineers, we can help you tackle any problem. And you can always connect to the Sencha community for solving issues and sharing knowledge via our forums.

Front-end development tools


Front-end development tools are focused on the user interface and user experience (UI/UX).

  • UI design tools
  • SDKs to access device feature
  • Cross-platform accommodations/support

Back-end servers

Back-end tools pick up where the front-end tools leave off, and provide a set of reusable services that are centrally managed and controlled.

  • Integration with back-end systems
  • User authentication/authorization
  • Data services
  • Reusable business logic

Security add-on layers

IT departments often need stop-gap, tactical solutions that layer on top of existing apps, phones, and platform component.

  • App wrapping for security
  • Data encryption
  • Client actions
  • Reporting and statistics

Mobile Applications

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