Oracle Database Administration

Databases are the foundation layer of Enterprise Information Management architecture. Constant changes in business environment, upgrades in database technologies and ever increasing size of data makes Oracle database administration all the more difficult to manage today. Furthermore, it is imperative for organisations to ensure high availability and integrity of its mission critical databases to ensure business continuity 24X7.

Clevigour’s robust Oracle Database Administration support service model encompasses a wide range of activities. Within our company’s best practices, our expert’s will provide routine tasks, such as patching, backups, configuration and installation. Other support tasks are tailored to each unique database environment. This includes customized deployment procedures, refresh methodologies, fail-over and replication routines that require focused attention beyond rudimentary knowledge application.

Clevigour guarantees to optimize the efficiency and performance of your databases, with continued monitoring and maintenance, and provide clients with their entire database management and support needs.

Clevigour’s experts integrate themselves into your internal team to understand your company and develop a practical solution best suited to your environment and business goals.

This Oracle Database Administration  Training Course intends to provide you in-depth understanding of the Oracle Database  Administration. You will learn about the Oracle DBA Architecture, various concepts, database structures, memory and process architecture, security, schema objects, data backup and recovery.

Clevigour provides tuning services for both long-term proactive and immediate short-term needs. Short-term tuning may require tuning of statements, reports, jobs, backups or materialized views. Proactive tuning incorporates database utilization, license optimization, ETL loading, clustering, log shipping, replication jobs or pre-production work. In any of these cases, Clevigour’s database tuning expertise can ensure that your database is optimized for performance and running smoothly.

Database Performance Tuning

Database Administration

Performance tuning is a blend of art and science that not all DBAs can accomplish. When considering the various database designs, configurations and usages within complex IT environments, it is critical to trust in a DBA expert that has substantial experience providing database tuning and optimization effectively.

Proactive database tuning is at the core of Clevigour’s best practices and is a key differentiator from our competitors. Once teamed up with our DBA’s, you are no longer limited to just reactive tuning. We believe that quality service is to continually suggest, test and implement tuning changes to your database, server or instance simultaneously while your internal DBA team can work on other priorities.

Database Upgrade

Performance Tuning

For upgrades, the key to quality is an efficient approach with stringent checks and verification’s. Upgrade Services by Clevigour consist of two distinct offerings that match two distinct needs of organisations Planning & Analysis Services and Migration Services. These offerings reflect a process that combines resources to manage and plan the process with a Migration Factory to efficiently carry out the upgrade. By leveraging Clevigour’s Migration Factory approach, the process is defined so that organisations can leverage a proven, global operation and 24×7 optimised resources to perform the upgrades at off-peak hours in a cost-effective manner.

Though necessary, upgrades can also be a large resource burden and organisational inconvenience, resulting in downtime, functional changes and compatibility issues. Having Clevigour manage your upgrades minimises these challenges and ensures that your data is safely migrated using a process that has been proven across large and small organisations.

Backup and disaster recovery

Database Administrator

Backup and disaster recovery are not directly interchangeable terms, but disaster recovery is not possible without backup in the first place. Disaster recovery is having the tested wherewithal to get systems restored and running as quickly as possible, including the associated data.

The increasing use of virtualisation has changed the way disaster recovery is carried out because, in a virtual world, a system can be recovered by duplicating images of virtual machines (VM) and recreating them elsewhere.

VM replication, disaster recovery and the way the market has adapted to virtualization are critical topics to consider.

Learning of DBA

Oracle Database Administration

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